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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 17, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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it was a bit of a mess in cedar rapids, iowa, after a tractor-trailer, carrying nearly 200 pigs overturned. public safety officers had their hands full. nearly 100 of the pugs that escaped their carrier. but luckily, they didn't go hog-wild. they appeared to be more interested in snacking on the grass. the truck driver was not injured. >> okay. a local reporter, live on the scene, found himself at the center of the story he was covering. >> amazing story, right? when news breaks, reporters want to be right there. but not necessarily quite like this. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: it began at this
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rochester, minnesota, bank. police say monday, this suspected robber, got away with thousands of dollars. the next day, reporter adam salat was covering the story, when this happened. >> just 24 hours ago, this bank -- >> that's a robber. >> that's the robber. this is live tv, folks. that's the robber, just went by. according to the bank employee. so, i got to go here and call 911. i'll take to you later. >> reporter: and only after the suspect is caught, station kmit realized they recorded him just before sallet's report, oblivious to that camera, coming back allegedly to rob the bank again. >> this is a crazy day. >> reporter: cops gave sallett his own badge. >> it's important to get the story. it's important for the police to know as much as soon as possible. >> reporter: for one of the rare times you can't help becoming
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part of the story. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> you like that, don't you? coming up, boot camp for jedis. we'll be back.
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♪ it's a great graphic. >> it is. >> this weekend, thousands upon
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thousands of geeks, all over the world, will be going to movie theaters with light sabres in hand. >> but movie theaters are banning the props. but kendis learned some tricks of the trade. >> reporter: from a galaxy far, far away, the new york academy was. ♪ what force -- see what i did there? the village parade. >> that was awesome. would you do this? would you learn this? you know, we have something here. >> reporter: that something, growing into a full-on jedi academy. with young padoans, embracing the force. do you exert the force on your siblings? >> i don't have siblings.
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>> reporter: it works. those on the dark side are welcome here. >> i'm a sith. six years later, i'm still here. >> reporter: i figured, i'd give it a try. ♪ i'm going to need a little help. i turned to a one-on-one with a true jedi master. what you'll see in any swordfight is a bouncing shot, a rebound shot. tap and back. i'm going to telegraph. >> reporter: you'll tell me? >> i'm going to let you know with my movie. i'm letting you know, big, wide strike. probably going to go to your shoulder. i guess the force is not strong with you. >> reporter: does that happen to all of the guys? of course, a mix of martial arts meets "star wars" fanatics, meets p90x. i'm going to need some tips from
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my jedi classmates. >> if i'm going to swing for your head, you just turn it to the side and raise it up. >> reporter: after a little training -- >> one, two, three, four. you did the opposite. >> reporter: and a lot of screw-ups. >> one, two -- up, down. good. >> reporter: the hang of it got, i finally did. okay. now, i'm ready to enter the battle. so, one, two, three. ♪ kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> you know, kendis' excellent report. you know what it reminds me of? my favorite ride, my favorite thing at disney world in l.a. it's not the rides. but they have light saber
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tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums ♪ i wonder if coloring books would be considered fiction or nonfiction. a good question. >> it would depend on what you're coloring. you might be surprised to find that adults are make it their pastime. robin roberts has more on the trend. ♪ >> reporter: at first glance, you see a group of women meeting for drinks and laughs. a typical after-work gathering. but they aren't just meeting for fellowship. they came to color. >> hi, everybody. welcome to the moms in business
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coloring party. >> reporter: katherine owns a toy store. and hosts a byob party for moms who own businesses. the main attraction, an unlikely adult treasure, coloring books. >> commerce of mine who come in the store, i tell them about the rewarding, positive experience i was getting through coloring. and slowly, one by one, they were buying it. >> reporter: these coloring books are different and more complex than the traditional books for kids. but the effects are similar. >> we all colored when we were little. the cathartic experience. it's relaxing. >> reporter: the popularity is staggering. fell mrs. than 5,000 different types, from stress management to nature. even harry potter." among the most popular, "secret garden." >> 911, what's your emergency? >> reporter: at the sacramento police department, the emergency dispatchers feel the pressure from start to finish. >> it gets pretty hectic.
2:57 am
>> it can go from being absolutely quiet to being mass chaos in a second. >> reporter: they spend the day supporting others. but their lifeline, coloring in the lines. >> it definitely calms me down. it gives me something else to focus on. >> reporter: and this holiday season, you may forgo the tablet for good, old-fashioned pencil and paper. >> it's something unexpected. it's a great gift. >> i would like to color. give me a coloring book for christmas. and abby wambach jersey. i like them. it's cheating at drawing. >> that's what coloring is. >> that's why it's free of stress. i'll get you one, reena. things are blossoming. you earned more than a $2 coloring book. >> an abby wambach jersey. hi, anne.
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this morning on "world news now," legal drama and tension in baltimore. >> the officer on trial for the controversial death of freddie gray. the mistrial declared. the decisions today and what happened next. late-night politics, donald trump's appearance on "jimmy kimmel live." and the big news he made on his campaign plane. is he really committed to the gop? faith on the field. the high school football coach suspended for praying. the legal play he is making to fight back. it's an abc news exclusive. and later, "star wars" icons carrie fisher and harrison ford, then and now. the roles in the '70s and their admiration for each other today. it is thursday, december 17th.
3:01 am
good morning on this thursday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm richard bacon. let's start in baltimore and the aftermath of a mistrial of a police officer accused in the death of freddie gray. >> protesters hit the streets when the mistrial was announced. the judge will meet today with attorneys on both sides to discuss the timing of a possible retrial. abc's bazi kanani has more. >> reporter: a new round of protests in baltimore. deputies forming a line around the courthouse, after a judge declares a mistrial in the case of the first police officer tried in the death of freddie gray. >> obviously, the legal process is flawed. this is about saving black lives. >> reporter: jurors told the judge they were deadlocked but he ordered them to continue deliberations. and they still could make no progress on a verdict on any of the four charges again officer william porter for the death of
3:02 am
25-year-old gray. gray died after suffering a spinal injury in police custody in april. his death parking weeks of violent protests. prosecutors say porter refused to put a seat belt on gray, when he was transported in the back of this police van and ignored gray's requests for medical help. >> i hope we do get a conviction somewhere because freddie is dead. >> reporter: whether prosecutors will force porter to take the stand again in a retrial is not known. some analysts speculate porter might be given immunity for his testimony against the five other officers who are also facing charges and whose cases might be affected by the prosecution's failure in this first attempt. in the meantime, baltimore leaders and gray's family are urging a peaceful response. >> we ask the public to remain calm, patient. we are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. >> reporter: bazi kanani, abc news, washington. the case is moving forward
3:03 am
against a white peace officer in the fatal shooting of a black teenager. jason van dyke has reportedly been indicted on six counts of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct. the shooting has sparked a firestorm of protests and calls for the resignation of rahm emanuel. van dyke is scheduled to appear or return to court on friday, where he is expected to plead not guilty. and in ferguson, missouri, there's word that the justice department is close to an agreement with the city's police about making widespread changes in the department. the federal government launched an investigation into ferguson's policing practices last year after the shooting of 18-year-old michael brown and the subsequent weeks of violent protests. new details about the husband and wife terror couple that shot and killed 14 people in san bernadino, california,
3:04 am
this morning. fbi director james comey said, before 2014, before they met in person, they communicated online, using private messages to express their commitment to violent jihad. but they apparently did not make those communications over social media. >> those communications are direct, private messages. so far in this investigation, we have found no evidence of posting on social media by either of them, at that period of time and thereafter, reflecting their commitment to jihad, or to martyrdom. >> president obama is headed to san bernadino to visit with shooting victims and their families before going to vacation. donald trump took some jabs at his rivals. he told thousands of supporters he was prepared for more criticism than he received during the debate. after he left, he waved good-bye
3:05 am
to his fans from the cockpit of his private jet. in an exclusive interview with abc news, trump repeated his pledge to not run as an independent. >> i'm committed to the republican party. i'm leading by tremendous numbers, like 27, 28 points. the polls are coming out on a daily basis that have me leading by a lot. i'm convinced that the leadership of the republican party will be good and will be fair to me. so, i'm committed to run as a republican. >> got a smaller plane than i imagined. he flew from arizona to l.a. for an appearance on jimmy kimmel's show. he doesn't believe that jeb bush wants to be running for president. and that many of the candidates with little support in the polls should drop out of the race. we're going to talk about this? >> there's some great moments, weren't there? >> yeah. i watched it all. it's great fun. as much that he talks about here. he is just such a talented political operator, donald trump, isn't he? >> he really is.
3:06 am
>> on the one hand, he says things that shock people. and the next minute, you're laughing along with him. and he's also -- one of the things that's most interesting about him, is he is not plowing a direct ideological line. there's certain policies where he differs from the republicans. and actually agrees with a lot of democrats. he talks in this interview, for example, about the decision to invade iraq, and how he would have liked to have saved that money and spent it elsewhere. he got attacked for that in the debate. jimmy kimmel says to him, why is that unrepublican to have wanted to save $4 trillion and fix the roads? we'll show you that later. >> and a book. an interesting book. that was my highlight. >> it's a parody of a children's book, that jimmy kimmel and his team, they imagine it's been written by donald trump. and it's just a sensationally good bit of writing. >> hilarious. we'll have a lot more of this one. democratic presidential hopeful, bernie sanders, is
3:07 am
lashing out at the gop front-runner. he used a visit to the mosque, just blocks from the white house, to condemn the anti-muslim rhetoric and hatred inspired by donald trump. supporting american muslims has gotten a professor at a christian college in trouble. larsha hopkins, a christian that teaches political science, was suspended by wheaton college in illinois. hawkins wore a head scarf and declared solidarity with muslims. administrators took difference with her posting. a passenger dispute forced the consolation of a flight bound for amsterdam out of houston. an elderly passenger alerted a light attendant of suspicious behavior by two men who appeared to be middle eastern. the two men and the two people they were traveling with were released when police determined they were not a threat.
3:08 am
it was expected. the federal reserve is raising interest rates for the first time in theonear nearly a decad. the quarter-point, the fed believes the economy can stand on its own. the stock market was up about 1.5%. the rates for consumer loans likely to go up. it should boost the housing market. >> it will kick people off the fence that have been procrastinating about jump into the market. and it will boost prices immediately. >> the fed chief, you see there, janet yellen, says the decision recognizes the progress that the economy has made since the financial meltdown. i worry about this that the housing prices -- >> i think that's something of an untold story in america. the economy is doing relatively well. >> that's a good point. now, in minnesota, has -- has left -- i'm so sorry. >> you like that? >> i overslept. this is what happens.
3:09 am
>> i've noticed about you, you said this. you get too much sleep. >> yeah. >> and you feel like you can't function. >> it's when i have no sleep. i frequently have no sleep. too much sleep, i'm hopeless. let lett's try again. one family in minnesota, has a less-hefty financial burden from their daughter's tuition, all thanks to her daughter's good luck. >> mother there throwing it, bounces and went to the hoop. that shot won the family half a year's tuition at the school. >> mom had a chance to take a shot because the family raised the most money during the school's fund-raiser. >> even mom, she can't believe it. never doubt momma. coming up in "the mix," is this for real? socks that are known -- they know when you fall asleep. >> it's for real. they're a massive gimmick. we explain why later. also ahead, the rock star
3:10 am
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♪ oh. it's truly the end of an era, last night in new orleans, american women's soccer legend, abby wambach. she played 72 minutes against china, before being substituted
3:14 am
during a standing ovation from nearly 33,000 fans. she retires at age 35, playing 255 international matches and scoring 184 goals. wambach admitted there were tears after the game. >> everything just kind of hit me that, you know this, was the last time i would be taking the jersey off. the last time i would be hanging out with my teammates in the locker room. and they're all happy tears. >> oh. and she leaves the game as soccer's all-time leading international goal scorer for both women and men in last night's 1-0 defeat to china was the first women's team defeat since 2004. i like that she never plays it safe. on the field or off the field, she was criticizing the u.s. men's national coach, that he needs to focus more on finding american soccer players. focusing on youth programs to get them in because they have two good players that are german. she said they're great and she likes them and they're great.
3:15 am
but you have to focus on the next generation is her big message. and i'll tell you. she is my ultimate favorite athlete ever. >> is she? >> she has a presence about her that i just love. >> big growing sport in the u.s., isn't it? footballer. >> we want to show you if farewell video, it was incredible. >> show me. >> -- forget me. forget my number. forget my name. forget i ever existed. forget the medals. >> we're not going to do that. come on. >> i'm so interested in how sports stars who got to the top cope with retirement. it's that strange topsy-turvy world sport where you retire. you retire at the edge. if you're in politics, 35 is when you get started. if you get president at 45, you're a young president. you play soccer at 35, you're old. and it's not just -- dominates
3:16 am
your whole life. it's not what you do when you're at work, you're eating, you sleep. and coping with that psychologically, it's just fascinating. >> i know she's going to land on her feet whatever her next chapter is. going to take some vacation time, you're more than welcome to come here and anchor. >> i know she will be watching abc. next up, a high school football coach suspended for praying on the field. >> the coach is filing a discrimination complaint, and speaking to juju chang. >> reporter: a postgame ritual -- turning into a legal battle. high school football coach, joe kennedy, filing a complaint against bremmerton school district after he was suspended for leading players in prayer. >> i had to hide. no one could see me. it's not right. >> reporter: the tradition in
3:17 am
2008. >> it started with three guys. it started growing from there. >> reporter: but the prayers coming under fire in october. the district saying he had to stop. saying talks with communities could not include religion expression, including prayer. and to do so would violate the law. kennedy stood his ground. >> it's just giving thanks. >> reporter: refusing to give up the meetings at the 50 yard line. claiming he had every right to practice his faith. and never required his athletes to pray. >> when he decided enough is enough, he has to stand up somewhere. he said, well, now you're suspended. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: now, kennedy is out of a job. his lawyer, mike berry the liberty institute, filing a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission, saying it violated his right. but the school district telling abc news, it has received no notification of any complaint. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> thank you. coming up in the next half hour, a mysterious
3:18 am
disappearance. >> the wealthy teen who got probation after killing four, whilst drunk driving. and the reason some think he is avoiding his probation officer. you are watc
3:19 am
you don't know the power of the dark side. i must obey my master. >> you must go and see the new "star wars." and we're not just saying that because "star wars" and abc share the same parent company, disney. we do like it. we went to see it yesterday. >> it was remarkable. >> reena fell asleep. >> i told you, it's the night shift. it's remarkable. i'm going to go see it again. rather than spoil it for you, let's hear from the princess and the scoundrel that sat down with
3:20 am
abc's david muir. >> it's true. all of it. >> reporter: you've seen this thing. >> oh, this thing? this big thing. it's good. >> reporter: what do you think? >> the parts where i'm in it, are distressing. but everything else is really great. >> reporter: when they hear that the parts with lea in them, are distressing? >> i got older. and nobody told me. and then, they put me on a screen really, really big. and they put me in high-def. >> reporter: you spent so much time with harrison ford over the years, you ran out of things to say, except that you're endlessly impressed by how svelte he still is. >> that is so annoying. and harrison looks really good. he was also born with a dna jackpot type thing. >> reporter: we told him what she said. i'm mostly interested in how harrison has stayed in such good shape all these years. >> well, thank you, carrie. >> reporter: it was the intention teen han solo and
3:21 am
princess leia, that fueled it all here on "empire strikes back." >> i love you. >> i know. >> reporter: the famous moment when you say, i love you. >> i know. >> reporter: that's what he says. >> i know. >> reporter: would he say that today? >> yeah. he would. >> reporter: not wiser? still a wise guy? >> he is still a wise guy. but what we've all been through a lot. we're trying to get it together. >> reporter: do you get together? >> i can't tell you that. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> as good as -- as good as the new film is, and it's been getting lots of good reviews. >> yeah. >> not exclusively good reviews. but mainly good reviews. there's no bit of dialogue in the new film as good as what david muir showed you there. >> that was the best? >> he's about to be frozen. she says, i love you. his response says, i know. that one response tells you everything about his character. >> look at you, such a
3:22 am
sentimental -- what do you call it? bloke. >> i think you call it a bloke. the last time i checked. what do you call it? >> or lad.
3:23 am
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dare to feel more with new k-y love. ♪ now, it's time for "the mix." >> welcome. >> we have a very interesting take on the old yule log. the hamster takes over. look at this. the cozy fireplace here. tree trimmed. presents under the tree. where is the hamster? >> someone made a miniliving room for the hamster, which is more entertaining than going endlessly around a wheel. he's wandering around. >> has his own living room. >> he seems to understand the concept of christmas. at one point, he attempts to open the presence. >> you don't need the fire going. >> a rudimentary era. >> maybe he lit the fire after santa is gone. >> that's a good observation. we'll check back in with a hom
3:26 am
ster hamster in a second. that's a live feed. the idea is, when netflix shows, you watching like "house of cards," it seems to end, the next episode starts automatically. you get a ten-second countdown. netflix have come up with the socks that you wear. it has a circuit in them. it's a do-it-yourself kit. you have to knit the sock. you have to know about electronics. you have to put the circuit together. and then, it monitors when you fall asleep and pauses the show for you. >> how do you know you have fallen asleep? >> because you don't move your feet anymore. >> i don't move my feet. >> exactly. the remote control was invented for people who were too lazy to get up to the television to turn
3:27 am
it off. these socks are for people who are too lazy to move the hand from their lap to turn off the television. >> my television will go to sleep mode if you don't say i'm still awake. i think there's a niche for this. >> you get me this for christmas, we're through. don't buy them. let's show the hamster again. >> what is the hamster up to? just opening presents? >> look at that, reena. you can decorate the room when you have a big video wall. >> is that a photo of grandma? >> the only thing i can ascertain, is it's a different hamster. >> it's hamster claus. a photographer really takes the plunge with the wedding photos. over a cliff. he takes a bride and room over a 350-foot cliff in echo lake, state park in new hampshire. i don't know if i
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3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," tension in baltimore. the mistrial in the case of a police officer accused in freddie gray's controversial death. today's legal decisions. and who is telling protesters to stay calm? donald trump live, a different side of the presidential candidate, seen just hours ago on "jimmy kimmel live." what he says we should have done instead of spending billions in the middle east. a health alert to anyone who sleeps with a pet. >> is it helpful or harmful to share your bed? what researchers are saying. important news, especially at this hour. >> yes. that is a good point. later in "the skinny," michael jackson is outperforming everyone in the music business, years now after his death. it's a "thriller" of a headline on this thursday, december the 17th.
3:31 am
♪ no one wants to be defeated oh, yeah. i think you're right. >> that's the classic one. >> i'm reena ninan. >> i'm richard bacon. it's thursday morning, right? >> we're arguing over what is the best michael jackson song. >> argue is a strong word. the song i like the most that everyone's forgot about, is "they don't really care about us." >> you're right. that's an oldie and a goody. >> here's a bit of advice to you. you download and listen to that, instead of watching us. >> hey. >> i don't mean it. we're going to play some michael jackson a bit later. we start with serious news. we begin in baltimore, and the mistrial in the police officer accused in the death of freddie gray. protesters on the street after a jury could not decide the guilt or innocence of officer william porter. >> at least two people were
3:32 am
arrested after that announcement. a meet willing be announced to discuss porter's possible retrial. jim avila is in baltimore. >> reporter: the reaction to the hung jury and mistrial after officer william porter was swift. sheriff's deputies marched in quickly, clearing the street surrounding the baltimore courthouse. prepared for trouble. >> no peace. no justice. >> immediately, disperse. >> reporter: porter was charged with five other police officers in connection with the 25-year-old gray's death, after a fatal ride in a police van last spring. gray's family urging calm, after the jury of seven blacks and five whites, telling the judge they could not reach a unanimous verdict on any of the charges. >> we ask the public to remain calm. patient because we have confident there will be another trial with a different jury. >> reporter: 26-year-old officer porter did not make freddie gray's arrest, or drive the police van where he suffered fatal injuries. but prosecutors charged him with
3:33 am
manslaughter, claiming he could have put a seat belt on him or called a medic when freddie asked for one. every cop in the city of baltimore is on duty, hoping to avoid a repeat of the kind of unrest that erupted in the days after gray's death. the looting and fires, doing an estimated $9 million damage. >> we are prepared to respond. we will protect our residents. >> reporter: officer porter remains suspended without pay, awaiting a likely new trial with a new jury. five fellow officers face charges of second-degree murder to official misconduct in gray's death. their trials, still to come. jim avila, abc news, baltimore. new details of the san bernadino terror couple that killed 14 people 2 weeks ago. fbi director james comey said before they met in person, and they communicated online, using private messages to express their commitment to violent jihad. he said investigators found no
3:34 am
evidence that the couple was part of a larger terror cell or were being directed by terrorists overseas. in the meantime, president obama is planning to visit san bernadino on friday for a private meeting with shooting victims and the families of those killed. he will then continue on to his family holiday vacation in hawaii. some late night politics now. donald trump sitting down last night with jimmy kimmel right here on abc. the republican front-runner admitting that his attacks on his rivals during the campaign have been divisive. and trump said, he would like to see the gop come together. trump also repeated that his ban on muslims entering the u.s. would be temporary. and he refused to back away from his criticism of u.s./middle east policy. >> and we've spent probably $5 trillion. what do we have? we have nothing. it's a mess. worse than ever before. we have spent a tremendous -- if we would have done nothing, let
3:35 am
the dictators stay where the hell where they were, we wouldn't have migrations or all of the problems. we could have spent $5 trillion on rebuilding our roads, our school, our hospitals, our infrastructures, our airports. >> trump also did not backtrack of his plan to build a wall on the u.s./mexico border. it will have a, quote, big, beautiful door for legal entry. i've seen trump tower. i'll not sure his judgment on beauty, you know -- >> oh. >> you know, i feel what's interesting for me because -- you follow this whole thing. i'm obsessed with the u.s. election. >> you really are obsessed, which is wonderful to see. you're very excited about this. >> it's the greatest show on earth. and that point he made there, which was opposition to invading iraq and how he would rather have spent the money on fixing roads, that's interesting because no other republican candidate could say that. that's one of the most interesting things about him, really. and as jimmy kimmel said to him
3:36 am
in that interview, why is it unrepublican? i think carly fiorina attacked him the other night. why is it unrepublican to take that money and want to spend it on building roads? the implication being that it shouldn't be. the sensationally funny bit, which i know you've seen, where they do a parody of a children's book. and jimmy kimmel and his team imagine donald trump has written a children's book. and we will play you. >> we'll have more of that later. a cabinet secondary used a personal e-mail account for business. defense secretary ash carter realizes it was a mistake. it happened during his first months in office earlier this year. and "the new york times" reports it ended after white house intervention. carter was in baghdad yesterday, offering greater u.s. support if iraq will increase its participation in the fight against isis. the iraqi prime minister said no thanks. his country doesn't want a greater u.s. presence to help take back ramadi from the militants. but carter says that doesn't mean iraq won't change its mind in the future.
3:37 am
the interest rate on your credit card may be going up soon. that's likely to be one of the effects of the federal reserve's decision to raise interest rates. mortgages and other consumer loans are probably going up, too. but the fed's move is good for investors. the u.s. stock market was up. and overnight, so are asian shares. the ceo of chipotle is banking on safety measures he hopes will regain the trust of its consumers. close to 200 people have been sickened in recent weeks by norovirus and e. coli outbreaks at chipotle restaurants. now, steve ellis has announced new safety guidelines that includes high-tech food tracking and new washing and sanitary rules inside his restaurants. >> the share prices went through the floor last week. >> i recently ate at a chipotle. i was just fine. >> i did quite like it. i think i called it slop on a tray the other day. >> you did call it slop on a tray. a new sleep study is reopening the debate whether it's healthy to sleep with your pets.
3:38 am
animal lovers have been warned for years that having a pet in the bedroom can negatively impact their sleep with the animal's nocturnal movement. pet owners say having their pets made them feel safe and secure, thus giving them a better night's sleep. >> you buy this? >> yeah, i kind of do. i think if you have something with you, you associate with comfort and security. >> uh-huh. >> you get sleep easier. >> your security blanket. your pet could be your security blanket. >> pet could be your security blanket. that's how i use podcasts. they are my security blanket to get me to sleep. i use podcasts. some people use dogs. you use the premiere of "star wars." >> oh. he is never going to let me forget that. >> reena fell asleep. >> last time i go anywhere with you. >> biggest premiere. the hottest new toy this holliday season, comes from
3:39 am
"star wars: the force awakens." no surprise there. >> the colorado start-up, s.p. hero," was making remote-controlled balls. and the movie has ball droid called bb-8. >> the toymaker came to the attention at a tech entrepreneur's conference. and the bb-8 toy took off from there. >> it's a cute droid. >> i'm obsessed with it. i think he or she is the cutest thing. >> the mannerisms -- that's so hot on the trigger in the sound department. it's the mannerisms when the robot is sad, he puts his head on the side of his little round body. i'm giving away a tiny bit here. and han solo gives him a thumb up, and a little light comes out of his body. >> yes. that was a funny moment. really funny. coming up in "the skinny," donald trump's life story as a children's book. fun moments on kimmel. and also ahead, blockbuster
3:40 am
against blockbuster. speculation about the new "star wars" out today. will it be bigger than "avatar"? and a wealthy young man, a victim of affluenza disappears after social media posts. where is ethan couch? that's after a look at the forecast map. where is it? it's 59 in dallas. 68 in las vegas. >> going to read them all out? >> 57 in new york. >> how about washington? washington? how is that doing? >> washington, 55. >> there you go, reena. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason.
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dramatic dash cam footage out of nebraska. watch as a sheriff's deputy zooms ahead of this trailer-tractor, pulls over in the left-hand lane, and dashes across two lanes of traffic, on to that track, because the driver was suffering a seizure. paramedics arrived a short time later. police say the driver is okay. it's like something out of a tom cruise -- "mission impossible" moment. isn't it? we're going to head to texas. and the search for a wealthy teenager who made national headlines, missing a probation appointment, killing four people in a drunk driving class. >> his lawyer claiming a new defense at trial, affluenza, that he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. abc's ryan owens has the latest. >> reporter: he's the young man who got probation for killing four in a drunk driving crash two years ago. the teen infamous for his affluenza defense -- >> affluenza. >> affluenza. >> affluenza. >> reporter: is having a tough time following the rules again. 18-year-old ethan couch is missing.
3:45 am
he didn't check in with his probation officer in texas earlier this month. his disappearance comes weeks after watching couch playing beer pong was posted online. the 18-year-old is not allowed to drink during his ten-year probation. and the d.a. is investigating the video. his probation officer would have tested him for drugs and alcohol at the appointment he missed. authorities say they also can't find his mother. couch's parents who are millionaires, allowed him to stay alone in their 4,000-square-foot mansion, when he was 16. that's when he drove his friends drunk and killed four people. he never spent a day in jail. >> my fear is, he's gone. we know what kind of resources and money this family has to get out of town, maybe get out of the country. who knows? >> reporter: if authorities do find him, he may just end up behind bars after all. ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks so much, ryan. coming up, the donald trump
3:46 am
gives "the cat in the hat" a run for its money. >> and trump speaks out about his controversial doctor's note. that's coming up next in "the skinny."
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ welcome back to "the skinny." and topping "the skinny" headlines this morning, donald
3:48 am
trump on jimmy kimmel, here on abc. >> and as we mentioned earlier in the broadcast, this was kimmel's only guest last night. that means that lots of topics were discussed. and kimmel wasn't afraid to call trump out on his more controversial policies and statements, including that strange doctor's note. trump's long-time physician released a statement to the press a couple days ago. >> we talked about it this week, haven't we? the first time we heard trump talk about the doctor's note. and kimmel threw him a bit of a curve ball. >> his physical strength and stamina are extraordinary. if you elect mr. trump, unequivocally will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. >> love that. >> how do you get a doctor to write you that note? >> in all fairness, i said, doc, i want to tell you, i'll be the healthiest president ever. and he said, i think i afree. and he probably took my words. >> this is his picture on
3:49 am
facebook. this is your doctor. >> oh, wow. >> what kind of a doctor is he? [ laughter ] >> oh, that's pretty funny. there was a political article, that said before he released the doctor's note, he made unhealthy food choices. and that he didn't exercise. and then, he released this. >> it's a bit like a jedi mind trick, to reference "star wars" again. doctor, i will be the healthiest president of all-time. you will be the healthiest president of all-time. >> give it to you to find the "star wars" metaphor in all this. >> you wouldn't have noticed it the "star wars" metaphor because you fell asleep during the biggest premiere in the last ten years. donald trump doesn't drink. did you know that? >> i thought he had vodka, didn't he? maybe i'm making that up. trump would be 70 years old, when sworn in, which would make him the oldest in office. >> i didn't know that. kimmel brought out something that would appeal to a younger audience. we like this in the office here. revealing that he is, ironically
3:50 am
revealing, donald trump is a ghost writer for a book called "winners aren't losers." let's have a listen. >> here are some frauds i do not like at all. we must kick these frauds out and then build a wall. oh, the places you'll go, on your yacht, on your plane. with your suits from milan, the wives from ukraine. [ laughter ] oh, the buildings you'll build. the wealth you'll amass. the people around you, all kissing your ass. [ laughter ] there are two kinds of people, which one will you be? a loser like them? would you like to finish? or a winner -- >> like me. [ cheers and applause ] >> donald trump, everybody. >> well done. the folks at kimmel -- we want a copy of this book. i tweeted to kimmel earlier asking for a copy. >> did you really? >> yes. i think it's remarkable. >> i'd love a copy of that book so much. >> don't you want a copy?
3:51 am
>> how do i get one? >> i don't know, kimmel. >> we're on abc. there must be a way. >> there has to be an interoffice mail. >> great writing by the team at kimmel. >> funniest bit of the year. >> all of us gathers around a tv. >> i loved it. really a great moment. next, arguably, the biggest global superstar of our time. we're talking about michael jackson. >> and big news about his iconic album "thriller." it's gone platinum now. at 30-times over, the only album ever to do that. 30-times over. you know he's earned more than $1 billion since he died? >> wow. that's remarkable. >> "the skinny" is full of good facts today. >> it really is. we were talking about which was our favorite? "thriller", "billie jean," "beat it." they all revolutionized the medium, the way they told their stories, the music video. and really cemented his status. >> yeah. look at that. just to recap for you tonight in
3:52 am
the "skinny." donald trump doesn't drink. he would be the oldest president ever elected. and michael jackson has earned a billion since his death. >> that's pretty good. that's a good "skinny." billion since his death. >> good "skinny." we've been changing things up with k-y love.
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it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. i'm looking for a great warrior. >> oh. great warrior. wars not make one great. >> wise words yoda has. very good, your yoda voice, better than mine. wars might not make one great. but there is a battle shaping up with the "star wars" movie. >> there's one good bit. "the force awakens," is predicted to be a top-selling movie. it has competition in the not-too-distant future. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: positive premiere and $100 million in advanced ticket sales are prompting some pretty prodigious predictions. "star wars" has the potential to surpass "avatar."
3:56 am
what we saw with "avatar" and "titanic," people kept going back to the theater multiple times after they saw it. >> nothing will stand in our way. >> reporter: avatar" is still the highest grossing movie of all-time, raking in $2.7 billion. "the force awakens" some say, might be the first to top the $3 billion benchmark. jedis versus the blue guys. >> this is our land. >> reporter: "avatar," released december 18th, 2009. "the force awakens," also december 18th, six years later. both take place not on our planet. both have rapid fans. some people actually speak na'vi. jedi is now quasi-religion. did you really think the first "star wars" film was going to be a flop? >> yeah. everybody did. >> reporter: why? >> the studio hated.
3:57 am
it i had no idea that it worked. >> reporter: now, here we are, "episode 7." >> chewy, we're home. >> the wall street analysts are saying if this film doesn't gross $1.5 billion, it will be considered a disappointment. the question is, is it going to leapfrog $2 billion and even approach $3 billion, which would make it the highest grossing film of all-time. >> reporter: just wait for 2017. "avatar 2" is slated for release. and "star wars: episode 8." a hollywood head-to-head. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> is that good? >> you're trying to do chewy. no, no, no. chewy sustained some horrible injury. the death throes of chewy, on abc.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, mistrial tore one of the officers charged in freddie gray's death. the jury deadlocked. protesters taking to the streets. what's next in the case? late night appearance. donald trump on "jimmy kimmel live" getting called out. >> isn't it wrong to discriminate on people based on their religion? >> grilling him about controversial comments on muslims and the stellar health report from ace doctor. caught on camera, a deputy making a daring move jumping into a moving truck to save the driver. and a mom taking a half-court shot to win her daughter something special. the result you have to see.


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